Course Description

This course will provide the student with the tactics and knowledge to properly respond to an active shooter situation. Students will learn how to respond to, fight or flee any active shooter situation. The course will begin with a review of several active shooter events and proceed into legal issues when responding to an active shooter situation. The course will then move into showing the students proper tactics and procedures to use when responding to an incident and how to understand what law enforcement’s role and responsibility is to keep everyone safe. A live roleplay simulation of an active shooter event will be conducted if the facility and managers permit. This course is open for all to attend. We will provide an assessment of your facility to provide suggestions to make it safer and more secure to avoid an active shooter event.

Training Topics

  • Recognizing potential workplace violence: Indicators of potential violence and emergency action plan and its components
  • Response to an active shooter: Run, hide, fight
  • Law enforcement response: What you need to know to tell law enforcement, your response to their arrival and how to react to their arrival
  • Managerial response: What are your responsibilities, human resource response, facility manager responsibilities and consequences of an active shooter


Course Date: Friday, February 11, 2022

Location: Florida Public Safety Institute, 75 College Drive, Suite 203, Havana, FL 32333


To register for this course, please contact Kim Allen at

Course cost: $185.00
Group discount: Pay for five seats and get one seat free