Course Description: This class will describe the profile of an Active Shooter and will help your employees recognize indicators of potential violence. The class will assist managers with Emergency Action Plans and its components, along with additional ways to prepare for this event. It will further go into and highlight the employee response to an Active Shooter. The class will educate your members on the Police Officer Response to the event, including your reactions upon their arrival and their reactions to you. The class will stress Managerial Responsibilities from all levels of management and will ultimately culminate with live drill-type scenarios simulating an Active Shooter (depending on the facility). Once the live or simulated scenarios are complete, the team will be given recommendations on increasing the security of the facility.

Training Topics:

  • Site tour to evaluate current building access from the standpoint of current procedures in place, and what could be done better, if needed.
  • Facility from the standpoint of the active shooter and their perspective of entering the facility and getting to targets.
  • Door and window access, including security levels, to include alternate access points and an active shooter trying to gain access to a facility.
  • Locations to include all of the facility, distances between buildings, response times and current emergency procedures in place.  Access to other areas of the facility and ease of mobility for area covered by a potential active shooter.
  • Communication from all aspects to include, among supervisors, among workers, to and from security, local police, notification systems in place in case of an emergency and on-site radio communications.
  • Weapons on premises, security of weapons, employee access to guns, company-sponsored weapons and company policy regarding this topic.
  • Accountability and access control to items that need tighter security.  Proper handling procedures and emergency access.
  • Employee issues and most common issues involving termination of employees and proper handling procedures and reviewing current practices.
  • General security and overall recommendations to fortify and harden facility.


A one-hour session will be held during the Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference in Birmingham, Alabama on November 4-7.

Workplace Violence

Course Date: November 6, 2019

Course Start: 3:15 p.m.

Location: SE Mine Safety and Health Conference, Ross Bridge Conference Center, Salon C