Karen M. Miller, ACA, CMSP

Ms. Miller is the Mining Program Manager of Florida’s MSHA State Grants Program (Florida Mine Safety Program), which provides creative and interactive learning programs and training modules to mining operations and contractors by bringing exciting new ideas to life and real life examples to every training class. She works with miners and contractors as they look into innovative ways to approach safety, health and rescue challenges in the mining industry. Ms. Miller recently introduced Mine Rescue Training Programs and Surface Competitions as part of Florida’s current program developments, providing ERT Teams with an opportunity to demonstrate competency, and identify potential gaps in knowledge and training through a wide range of realistic emergency response scenarios. Ms. Miller is a Certified Mine Safety Professional (CMSP), and holds MSHA IN and IS trainer qualifications (30 CFR Parts 46 and 48), Notary Public for the Great State of Florida, Accredited Claims Adjuster and ASHI/Medic First Aid Instructor for First Aid, CPR and AED Training.

Training Consultants

We have experienced training consultants on staff. The strength of the Florida Mine Safety Program lies in the ability to select training consultants from locations across the State of Florida.

This benefits our clients substantially by providing them with certified training consultants close to their location, reducing both travel and accommodation expenses.