⚠️ SAFETY ALERT – Since 2019, two miners have died, and six miners have suffered lost time injuries from the sudden release of stored energy while working near belt conveyor systems.

Learn, implement, and live by the best safety practices to prevent further injury and death:
✅ Develop safe work procedures that eliminate or safely control stored energy in belt conveyors. The procedures must include lock out/tag out, blocking against motion, and securing the belt conveyor.

✅ Ensure belt conveyor moves, maintenance, and repairs are performed with the correct replacement parts, proper tools, and suitable rigging.

✅ Train miners on the safety aspects and safe work procedures for moving, maintaining, and repairing belt conveyors.

✅ Train miners to stay in safe locations while in a belt conveyor entry, away from the belt drive and take-up winch, when miners start or stop the belt.

✅ Install properly designed safety restraints for moving parts such as movable carriages, bridles, and take-up sleds as a backup in case primary components fail.

✅ Perform a risk assessment prior to beginning work to identify and control stored energy: mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and gravity.

Read the full safety alert: https://www.msha.gov/belt-conveyor-system-stored-energy-safety-alert