The Florida Mine Safety Program created this competition as a fun and effective way for our hardworking miners, emergency responders and safety workers to be recognized for their outstanding contributions in the safety and emergency response fields. By providing various training courses and demonstrations throughout the event, our goal is that all participants will take away an expanded set of emergency response skills.

1. Scenarios: What can we expect from the Field Exercise? Are high angle rescue and repelling involved? This is holding our teams back from registering for the Field Exercise.

If you have concerns regarding the Field Exercise, we recommend you contact Mr. Darren Conn, Field Office Supervisor, Franklin, TN Field Office, (615) 790-0752, Cell (615) 336-7532,, who will be glad to answer any of your questions.

2. Written Examination: What is the Written Examination based on?

The Written Examination will consist of 30 questions (Multiple Choice). References include: Brady Book 11th Edition, as recognized by the American Heart Association and American Safety and Health Institute. Review Judges’ Discount Cards, “Metal and NonMetal First Aid Competition, Station #1 and Station #2 for additional assistance. Sign up for Basic Refresher Training prior to competition. You may also use previous tests as study guides found here.

3. Points & Standings: How will this contest affect our ranking and standings with National and Regional Competitions?

Attending the competition DOES NOT AFFECT your National Standing/Ranking and other competitions. Underground and Surface are two separate entities. Points accumulated in this competition will only be used to establish your ranking in THIS competition.

We have consulted with MSHA regarding points and have confirmed that nothing dealing with MSHA contests, regional points, ranking or awards will be included at Underground Competitions or Nationals.

4. Exhibitors/Sponsorship Opportunities: Minimal time was allotted for exhibitors to network, show off products, meet with participants, operations and teams represented, etc. especially for those arriving from out-of-state. Will additional days and times be provided to give exhibitors incentive to attend?

Yes. Additional dates and times have been provided during the week of competition for exhibitors and sponsors so they can showcase their products, meet with teams and participants, present and have a great time in the process. Vendor Night also provides a great opportunity to network with other mining companies, fire rescue, etc. Please refer to the competition schedule.

Please refer all questions and registrations to Karen Miller, CMSP, Mining Program Manager at (850) 201-7689 or

5. Equipment/Gear: What equipment or gear is required?

We recommend teams refer to General Rules, Team Rules & Competition Rules here.

6. Raffle Items: Are you in need of raffle items? Who can we call to discuss or forward to?

Absolutely. Anything you’d like to donate for teams, door prizes, awards, etc. is greatly appreciated. Please contact Karen Miller, CMSP, Mining Program Manager at (850) 201-7689 or Thank you so much for your generosity.


7. Observer/Spectator Status: We’re very interested in this competition but are unable to send a team at this time due to budget constraints or are only able to attend two events this year (National & Regional). Are we able to observe contest and participate in other events? What are the required fees and is a separate registration available for this?

Absolutely! You may register as a Non-Competitor Participant, which will allow you access into all events with the exception of the First Aid/CPR/AED Practical. If you are a first aid judge assisting MSHA personnel, then you will be provided access to this area during the First Aid/CPR/AED Practical. Observers will be allowed in the Observation Area during the Field Exercise. Non-Competitor Participants will be issued a special lanyard to get into events.

Fees for Non-Competitor Participants are as follows:

Non-Competitor Participant Registration Fee: $150 (Refer to flyer and registration for all activities, meals, etc. covered in this fee. A special lanyard and badge will be issued to provide access to all areas and to view teams in action.) Spectators are only allowed in Spectator Viewing Areas (bleachers) and as designated.

Spouses/Significant Other Fees: If you need additional tickets for family, friends, etc. to attend the Awards/Banquet, cost is $30 per person. Obtain your tickets online or during registration.

Have questions or concerns? Contact Karen Miller, CMSP, Mining Program Manager at (850) 201-7689 or