Note: Pre-registration is required.

Presenters: William W. Gerringer, Bureau Chief with the North Carolina Department of Labor, Mine and Quarry Bureau. To be joined by Nicholas Scala, Esquire, CMSP with Conn Maciel Carey, LLP.

Thyssenkrupp-Industrial Point of Contact: Emmanuel (Manny) Uriarte, CHST– (770-980-5090 or 678-654-8262)

Course Description:

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (USA)  has partnered with the Florida Mine Safety Program to offer you an MSHA Law Class & Supervisor Workshop.

All mine supervisors and managers, from the Company President to Front Line Supervisors and Agents, must have a thorough understanding of MSHA rules and regulations in order to instill in their employees a culture where SAFETY is a VALUE. Many Supervisors enter “panic mode” the minute the MSHA Inspector arrives. If you don’t have a sound working knowledge of the Act and 30 CFR, you should at least have the resources readily available for reference, and know how to use them. Failure to do so could result in citations or orders with huge fines, or even imprisonment. This course is exclusively offered by the Florida Mine Safety Program via the MSHA State Grant Program.

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This course is offered in multiple languages.

Prerequisite: Owners, operators, contractors and supervisory personnel involved in the mining industry must fully understand both federal and state mine safety laws. It is the purpose of this school to educate the attendee in the pertinent aspects of the current statutes and recent changes, (MSHA’s Hot Buttons, Latest Initiatives, Rules to Live By, etc.). These include the 2006 Congressional amendment to the Mine Act: “Miner Act”, Part 50 Immediate Notification final rule, Part 100 final penalty rule, Rules To Live By 3 implementation effective April 1, 2012, new program policy procedures, bulletins, and letters to include informal contestment changes effective in August, 2013. Compliance with legal requirements is a basic component of any effective safety and health program.

Enrollment Information: Upon successful completion of the MSHA Law Class, the student should be able to:

1) verify operational compliance with federal and state standards through the use of pertinent government publications;

2) reduce accidents and citations caused by non-compliance issues;

3) promote the general health and safety of the operation; and

4) understand the importance of the safe production process. Attendees will also receive a Certificate of Completion at end of workshop.

Attendance Requirements: 100% Participation and Attendance Required to Obtain 2-Year Certification

Cancellation Procedures: Contact the Mine Safety Office at (850) 201-7689 to cancel your registration.