This course is intended to improve the instructional skills, abilities, and knowledge of mine trainers. Participants will be required to select, develop, and present a 15-minute training segment on a health or safety topic in the MSHA 30 CFR Part 48. You must have actual Mining experience to become an Approved Part 48 MSHA Instructor.

Approval as a Part 48 Instructor is a Three-part process:

  • You must demonstrate that you have knowledge of the subjects that you will be teaching. This is generally accomplished by submitting an application to your local MSHA District Manager showing your mining experience and education.
  • You must demonstrate that you have the ability to teach. Successful completion of this course will assist you in meeting this requirement.
  • Proof of mining experience by providing your latest 2 years of 5000-23 forms or/and other MSHA approved Training Certificates.


  • Principles of Adult Instruction
  • Developing Objectives and Developing Criterion Test Items
  • Outlining the Training Content
  • Determining the Instructional Methods
  • Developing and Using Training Aids
  • Developing a Lesson Plan
  • Using Facilitation Skills


Tuition Cost: Free

Must pre-qualify via following with completion of the SE Instructor Application and the Instructor Enrollment Form below to Nori Ortiz, Ortiz.Norberto@Dol.Gov and Karen Miller,

  • SE Instructor Application (download PDF)
  • Instructor Enrollment Form
  • Each person will be required to obtain a MSHA MIIN number before the beginning of the class. The MIIN can be obtained online at WWW.MSHA.GOV.
  • Application 
  • Resume
  • Training Certificates (5000-23 or Comparable MSHA Approved Training certificates)
  • Mining experience
  • Instructor training enrollment form*
  • Certification of mining experience instructional experience and training (instructors)*

You must have the following:

  • At least 1 (One) year of MSHA Experience FOR SURFACE
  • At least 1 (One) year of MSHA/OSHA Instructional Experience FOR SURFACE


  • At least Three(3) years of MSHA Experience FOR UNDERGROUND
  • At least Three(3) years of MSHA Instructional Experience FOR UNDERGROUND


  • You will have to put together and present a 15-minute block of Instruction on a Health & Safety Subject on the third day of this course!

****Please be aware your attending and completing this course does not guarantee your approval.

The Birmingham District requires that a person who is going to be responsible for instructing miners concerning the health and safety aspects of their jobs to be highly qualified not only in the particular subject matter he or she proposes to teach, but in the skills an instructor must have to teach that subject effectively.  To achieve this, applicants must, at a minimum, have:

  • at least one year of experience in mining related to the approval code IS- SURFACE the applicant is requesting approval.
  • IU at least Three(3) years of experience in mining related to the approval code IU- UNDERGROUND the applicant is requesting approval.
  • Provide written evidence of teaching skills, mining experience and training experience in the subject matter courses or programs they intend to teach. (a minimum of one year of training experience)

Ideally, the applicant will have hands-on experience in all aspects of the mining process.  These training courses are meant to be interactive, and it is important for the instructor to have intimate knowledge of the courses he or she will be teaching.


Dates: April 2 – 4, 2024
Time: Class begins 0800hrs/8:00am

Florida Public Safety Institute,
Classroom Building, Room #220
75 College Drive; Havana, Florida 32333

(Location landmark, across the street from Gadsden High School)


If you have any questions, please contact Mining Program Manager Karen Miller at 850-201-7689 (Office) or 850-544-3114 (Cell) or via email at

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