Course Overview


This course satisfies the training requirements of prevailing regulations. Satisfies requirement for forklift certification and keeps operators in compliance.  This course includes both a classroom and a practical component to introduce operation safety and to reinforce safety procedures for experienced operators.  This course can also satisfy requirement for retraining after an accident.

Aerial Lifts:

This course includes the following:  explanations of electrical, fall, and falling object hazards; procedures for dealing with hazards; recognizing and avoiding unsafe conditions in the work setting; Instructions for correct operation of the lift (including maximum intended load and load capacity); Demonstrations of the skills and knowledge needed to operate an aerial lift before operating it on the job; When and how to perform inspections; and Manufacturer’s requirements. Drop-offs, holes, or unstable surfaces such as loose dirt; Inadequate ceiling heights; Slopes, ditches, or bumps;  Debris and floor obstructions;  Overhead electric power lines and communication cables; Other overhead obstructions;  Other hazardous locations and atmospheres;  High wind and other severe weather conditions; and  The presence of others in close proximity to the work.

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