My Equipment Is Grandfathered- Wrong!

A lack of understanding OSHA’s machine guarding regulations continues to make machine safeguarding one of OSHA’s Top 10 violations. We often hear “our equipment is old and has been grandfathered so it doesn’t need guarding”. While this may seem logical, it is simply not true. Up until the late 1970’s, OSHA did have a few…

Safety Law Newsletter – June 2017

June’s Safety Law Newsletter discusses the withdrawal of the U.S. Department of Labor’s 2015 and 2016 informal guidance on joint employment and independent contractors, ways to eliminate coal mining fatalities and coal impoundment in construction, a review of commission cases that raise questions over the multi-employer citation policy, rock climbing gyms and seeking OSHA compliance…

Safety Law Newsletter – May 2017

May’s Safety Law Newsletter discusses OSHA’s New Silica Rule, MSHA’s outreach focused on miners working alone, NLRB, President Trump’s 10 judicial nominees for federal courts, OSHA, litigation, 2 for 1 order and upcoming talks from Adele Abrams, Diana Schroeher, and Tina Stanczewski, and Michael Peelish. Click here to read the newsletter.

Is Groupthink a Bad Thing or a Good Thing?

What is groupthink? Groupthink is a way of thinking where members of cohesive groups accept a viewpoint of conclusion that represents a perceived group consensus, whether it is believed to be valid or correct. It can appear efficient because other ideas and opinions are shut down. To learn more about groupthink click here.

It’s Official- 8ft May Not Be Enough

Up until recently, there has been a requirement to guard hazards within a certain height from walking or working surfaces. In the United States the height is 7 feet while in Canada it was 8 feet. In October 2016, the Canadian Regulation CSA Z432-16 was rolled out with many new updates, including an update to…