January 31, 2024

HAVANA, Fla. — Miners, emergency responders and safety workers will have the opportunity to test their skills on Mar. 4  – 7 during the Fifth Annual Surface Mining Emergency Response Training and Competition hosted by the Florida Mine Safety Program (FMSP). During the competition, which will be held at the Florida Public Safety Institute in Havana, Fla., emergency response teams will be tested across a wide range of realistic emergency response scenarios featuring National Prep and Basic Regional Field Contests. Sponsors are also invited to take part in the excitement by exploring the exclusive sponsorship opportunities available for the competition.

“Last year, our fourth annual surface mine rescue competition was a huge success. We hosted teams which were able to test their skills utilizing the Florida Regional Surface Metal and Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest Rules or for the first time ever teams could be judged by the newly created National Surface Mine and Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest Rules. Response teams were given tasks that showed them what to expect in real emergency situations, which will help prepare them to perform potentially life-saving actions,” said FMSP Mining Program Manager Karen Miller, CMSP. “Through this year’s event, we hope to recognize miners, emergency responders and safety workers for their outstanding contributions to the safety and emergency response fields. With the registration deadline fast approaching, we await incoming team, vendor and non-competitor registrations and hope to see new faces at this year’s competition.” 

Commencing Monday and Tuesday, Mar. 4 – 5, a range of free demonstrations will be available, covering topics such as drones, body-worn cameras, dealing with traumatic incidents and more. Various eight-hour training sessions – such as basic vehicle extrication, awareness level training for hazmat safety and a first aid refresher – will also be offered for a small fee. The team competition will kick off on Tuesday with a multiple-choice exam, followed by a field exercise on Wednesday and a hands-on first aid practical on Thursday. The competition will conclude on Thursday with a banquet featuring dinner, a team procession, and an awards ceremony.

Registration to participate as a team or vendor is open until March 3rd or until all participant slots are filled and requires a team fee of $1,050 or a vendor fee of $500. The event also offers a non-competitor registration option for a fee of $160. To register, please visit


The Florida Mine Safety Program (FMSP) aims to educate those who partake in mining operations by assisting mining companies and mining contractors with their health and safety training. For more than 30 years, the program has operated as a federally-funded grant program under the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), whose mission is to prevent death, disease and injuries in the mining industry. This is done through a variety of training courses, conferences and informational seminars offered by FMSP. To learn more, visit

Emergency response teams will be tested across a wide range of realistic emergency response scenarios during the 5th annual Florida Mine Safety Program mine rescue competition on March  4 – 7 in Havana, Florida.

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