If you attended our Inaugural Day of Mourning for Miners last year, you know it is a can’t-miss event. Please join us in our second annual event in observance of Workers Memorial Day. A special memorial service consisting of candle lighting and a moment of silence will pay tribute to miners who have been injured, suffered illness or died on the job due to workplace-related hazards and incidents in the mining industry. The honor bell will sound an echo of remembrance along with a call out of our fallen metal/non-metal and coal miners.

In addition to remembering those we’ve lost, this event will serve as a reminder that it is everyone’s role to raise public awareness of workplace health and safety to prevent further workplace injuries and deaths in the mining industry.
Prior to the ceremony we will be serving a free breakfast with a tour of the Florida Public Safety Institute following the ceremony for planning and development of the Surface Mine Rescue Contest coming February 2018.
When: Friday, April 28, 7-11 a.m.
Where: Florida Public Safety Institute — 75 College Drive, Havana, FL


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