Miners were working to unplug a crusher and after the obstruction was cleared, the crusher still would not turn. A miner attempted to manually turn the crusher rotor with a pry bar when his foot was caught in the moving part. Coworkers helped to free him and he was transported him to a local hospital for medical treatment. The accident occurred on June 22, 2017.

Best Practices

  • Conduct a job hazard analysis to identify all potential hazards associated with the work to be performed, and jointly discuss procedures to minimize those hazards.
  • Review maintenance procedures to ensure all possible hazards have been identified and appropriate controls are in place to protect miners.
  • Make sure everyone is positioned so they are not exposed to the hazards.
  • Support or block all components against motion, and personally lock out and tag out equipment.
  • Make sure that proper equipment and tools are provided and used and that everyone is trained in safe work procedures.
  • Follow manufacturer’s specifications and operating procedures.

Read the full MNM Serious Accident Alert here.